Energy balances

Final energy consumption

1 121 PJ
Gone up vs. previous year

Renewable share

36.5 %

Foreign dependency

52.1 %


Energy balances show the amount of energy produced in Austria as well as how much is imported. Furthermore, energy balances show the consumption of energy for the most important economic sectors (e.g. industry, services). Around 80 different energy products (e.g. electricity, district heat) and energy product groups (e.g. renewables, gas) are covered. Data entering the energy balances come from own surveys, from business statistics as well as from administrative data sources.

Energy balances are published annually for each calendar year. A preliminary version at the national level is made available at the end of May. The final data at the national and the federal province level become available in November.

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Final energy consumption (chart)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Energy balances. Compiled on 16 May 2022.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Energy balances. Compiled on 31 May 2022.

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