Response Burden Barometer

Response Burden Barometer
in Hours
757 230
Gone up +2.5 %

The time required by Austrian companies to fill in the questionnaires from Statistics Austria was around 757 230 hours in 2021 and thus around 2.5% above the value of 2020. Since the start of measurements of response burden began in 2001, the reporting effort for all surveys has been reduced by 12.1%, which was primarily achieved by reducing the sample size, raising reporting thresholds and making greater use of administrative data and electronic reporting media.

In 2021, 48 282 companies out of a total of around 502 500 companies were required to report to one or more Statistics Austria surveys, 295 more than in the previous year. 57.0% of the enterprises with reporting obligations had reporting obligations for one survey only, 24.9% for two and 18.1% for three or more.




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