Establishments & beds

Accommodation establishments (absolute in 1 000)
summer season 2022
Gone up vs. previous year
Bed places (absolute in 1 000)
summer season 2022
1 104.5
Gone up vs. previous year

As part of the accommodation statistics, the capacity statistic collects the number of accommodation establishments and bed places in commercial and private accommodations once a year for the tourism year (November to October) as well as for the winter and summer seasons. The legal basis for the survey is the “Tourism Statistics Ordinance”; the data is based on declarations from the reporting municipalities. These municipalities transmit the data from the accommodation establishments aggregated to Statistics Austria.

Commercial accommodation establishments include hotels, commercial holiday accommodations and other establishments, e.g. health resorts and youth hostels. Private accommodation establishments include private accommodation (also farms) as well as private holiday dwellings. When linking the data of the accommodation capacity statistics with the monthly overnight stays statistics, the occupancy rate of the establishments in the winter and summer season can be calculated.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Accommodation statistics. Compiled on 20 January 2023. – 1) Sanatoria, youth hostels, refuges, child and youth recreation homes, mattresses on the floor.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Accommodation statistics. Compiled on 20 January 2023. – without campsites.

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