Modal split

Total transport volume

725.2 million tonnes
Sunk -7.5 % compared to 2019


The modal split, the distribution of transport volume and transport performance on the individual modes of transport, is used to provide an overview of freight transport in Austria. The data from the national road freight transport survey, the consolidated European road freight transport statistics, rail freight transport statistics and the freight transport on the Danube are compared. The values ​​for air freight are marginal in relation to the other modes of transport and are therefore only taken into account in total transport volume and index series. In order to achieve better international comparability – e.g. with the results of Eurostat - a national representation of the modal split is partly without the transport mode pipelines. Data is published annually.

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Freight transport of all modes of transport in Austria 2020 (table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Road freight transport statistics; Eurostat (tables D3.1 and D5). ASFINAG. Rounding differences may occur between sums and total values. Tonne-kilometres are not available for the mode of transport "air".

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