Share of employment 360 days after the completion of fit2work

36 %
Share of employment 1 day before the start of fit2work: 12.3 %


Since 2014, Statistik Austria is evaluating the fit2work programme on behalf of the Sozialministeriumsservice and the Federal Ministry of Labour (BMA). The legal basis of this evaluation is the Arbeit-und-Gesundheit-Gesetz (law for labor and health). Fit2work offers two different counseling services: One for people who, due to health problems, are in danger of losing their employment or have difficulties finding employment. The other one is for businesses that want to support the employability and health of their employees.

The impact evaluation of both counseling services is based on a quasi-experimental design, using a comparison group. Specific indicators of the people and businesses that attend fit2work are compared to those of people and businesses that have not participated in the programme and are as similar as possible.


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Change in the share of employment (graph)

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