High growth enterprises

High growth enterprises

2020 (preliminary)
3 075
Sunk -21.3 % compared to 2019

High growth enterprises' share on employer enterprises with at least 10 employees

2020 (preliminary)
7.2 %


High growth enterprises play a significant role for the creation of employment and growth of an economy. They are defined as employer enterprises that show an average annual increase in the number of employees of 10 % or more over a three-year-period. High growth enterprises serve as an important indicator to track the progress of innovation processes within the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Legal base is EU regulation on European business statistics and on national level the Unternehmensdemografiestatistik-Verordnung. The business registers of Statistics Austria (Business register for administrative purposes and Business register for statistical purposes) form the central sources. Additionally, tax data, employer and employee's data from the Umbrella Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions, as well as data from the Chamber of Commerce and the Commercial register are used.

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Statistics on high growth enterprises 2020 by economic activities (table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, High growth enterprises statistics. Preliminary data. - 1) Without group 64.3 "Trusts and funds".

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