Environmental protection expenditure

National expenditure for environmental protection

13.9 bn Euro
Gone up vs. 2014

National public sector expenditure

0.7 bn Euro
Gone up vs. 2014

National corporate expenditure

12.3 bn Euro
Gone up vs. 2014


The objective of the environmental protection expenditure accounts is to provide a comprehensive overview of environmentally relevant expenditures within the Austrian economy. A distinction is made as to whether the expenditures are made by the government (incl. non-profit private organizations), by enterprises or by private households. 

The level of national environmental protection expenditure is an indicator of the relative economic importance of environmental protection. The statistics on environmental protection expenditures are based on own surveys and are published annually at the national level.

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Expenditures of economic sectors for environmental protection (chart)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Environmental protection expenditure accounts. Compiled on 16 May 2022.

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