Among other things the information on the Address, Buildings and Dwellings stock provides the basis for numerous domestic decisions, such as questions of housing policy, local spatial planning, but increasingly also for the development of measures to achieve current climate targets.

Address, Buildings and Dwellings Register (ABDR)

The term "ABDR" comprises two separately maintained registers, the Address Register and the Buildings and Dwellings Register.

A description of the ABDR can be found in the document 'The ADRESS-GWR at a glance'.

Adress Register

The Adress Register is maintained by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying and is a public register. It contains all addresses as they were assigned by the municipalities. This ensures the legal certainty as well as the official status of addresses. Through geocoding the addresses are given special significance for the administration, the economy or for private users, as for fire departments and rescue services during their emergency trips.

The data of the Address Register are also included in the Buildings and Dwellings Register.

Buildings and Dwellings Register

With the Buildings and Dwellings Register (BDR), Statistics Austria operates an important administrative register that can provide up-to-date data on addresses, buildings and units of use. The legal basis for this is the Buildings and Dwellings Register Act (BGBl. I No. 9/2004 as amended).

In addition to Addresses of parcels, buildings and units of use, the Buildings and Dwellings Register (BDR) also contains structural data on buildings, dwellings and other units of use, as well as data on construction measures.

A distinction is made between a central Buildings and Dwellings Register, which primarily serves statistical purposes, and a local Buildings and Dwellings Register at the municipal level for administrative, research and planning purposes.

The initial filling of the BDR was done from various administrative data sources and previous statistical surveys. The ongoing maintenance (recording of construction measures and updating of address and building data) is based exclusively on administrative data provided by the municipalities or the competent district authorities.

For data protection reasons, there is no public access to individual data. Evaluations from the register may only be carried out and published in compliance with the statistical secrecy obligation.


Address-BDG-Online is the common recording pathway for data transmission to the Buildings and Dwellings Register and to the Address Register. Data can be entered either via a web application or via web services.


ABDR helpdesk Phone: +43 1 711 28-7900