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Peer Reviews in the European Statistical System (ESS)

Quality is the hallmark of European statistics, making them more trustworthy than other statistical data that are readily available through a variety of channels. To ensure the quality of their statistics, the ESS has created a common quality framework. The European Statistics Code of Practice (the Code or CoP) is the cornerstone of this quality framework. The aim of the peer reviews is to assess compliance by the members of the ESS with the principles and indicators of the Code. The following recommendations are also intended to help the statistical authorities to further improve and develop their statistical systems.

Current (third) round of Peer Reviews

Currently (in the period 2021-2023) the third peer review round is running after a first (2006) and a second (2014) round. General information on the current round can be found on the website of Eurostat.

In Austria, the peer review visit to Statistics Austria took place from 4-8 April 2022. A team of four highly qualified experts chaired by Maria João Zilhão (Statistics Portugal) checked the national statistical system for compliance with the principles of the code of conduct. In addition to internal sessions with experts from the company and a meeting with young employees ("Junior Staff"), there were also interviews with important user groups such as:

Peer Review Report (PDF 1,2 MB)

Peer Review 2014

On 15 November 2012, the European Statistical System decided to conduct a so-called "Peer Review Exercise" to review the degree of compliance with the principles of the Code of Conduct in each individual member state of the ESS for the second time. In this review, which for Austria from 13-17 October 2014, Statistics Austria and the Austrian statistical system were confirmed by the peer review team to have a very high degree of compliance with the principles of the Code of Practice

Peer Review Report Austria (2015)

Peer Review 2006

Statistics Austria achieved an excellent result in the first round of peer reviews based on the first version of the code of conduct, in which compliance with principles 1 to 6 and 15 in the ESS was checked by external expert teams, as shown in the report published by Eurostat.

Peer Review Report Austria (2006)


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