Final energy consumption decreased by 8% in 2020


In 2020, final energy consumption decreased by 8% to 1 053 petajoules (PJ) compared to the previous year, and was at a similar level to 2003. The economic sectors of industry and services recorded each a decline in final energy consumption of around 3% to 307 PJ and 108 PJ, respectively. Consumption by private households, on the other hand, was at about the same level as in the previous year 2019.


Number of deaths on highest level so far for 2021


According to preliminary results, 2 054 people died in calendar week 45 (from 8 to 14 November 2021). This year, only in calendar week 3 (18 to 24 January 2021) the number of deaths had also exceeded 2 000 (2 009 deaths). In 2020, fewer people (2 004) died in calendar week 45 than in the same week 2021.


Publication: Traffic statistics (Verkehrsstatistik 2020)

Verkehrsstatistik 2020

In this publication, the freight transport that was carried out in Austria in the modes of road, rail, inland waterways, aviation and pipelines is explained in detail for the year 2020. For road freight transport, alongside the performance provided by Austrian companies, a summary of the transport performance by foreign companies on Austrian territory is given. Information on passenger transport in aviation and on rail, especially the passenger flows in scheduled and non-scheduled air services and their development are discussed in detail as well as the most important destinations of flights and final destinations of passengers and data on general aviation. The publication is available in German only.



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Government deficit 208.3%

Government debt 2083.2%

HICP 191.5%

Long term interest rate 190.06%