Inflation increased to 7.2% in April 2022 (HICP: 7.1%)


In April 2022, the inflation rate was at 7.2%. Expenditures for transport (+17.7% compared to April 2021, including fuels +49.1%) proved to be the most important price driver, followed by expenditures for housing, water and energy (+9.4%, heating oil +100.4%, gas +68.7%, electricity +8.5%). The consumer price index (CPI 2020) was at 109.1, while the average price level increased by 0.3% compared to March 2022.


Construction costs further increased in April 2022


The construction cost index (base 2020) for construction of residential buildings reached 124.0 index points in April 2022. This represents an increase of 16.0% against April 2021. Compared to March 2022, the index increased by 2.4%.


Education in Figures 2020/21: more pupils eligible for promotion, higher pass rates at the main date of the "Matura" examinations and more students at public universities


As shown in the current publication "Education in Figures 2020/21", the proportion of pupils not eligible for promotion to the next grade has decreased significantly due to loosened promotion requirements. In addition, beginning with the main term 2020, there have been some facilitations in the "Matura" (the final exams of upper secondary academic and vocational schools that qualify graduates for university) due to the Corona pandemic.



 CPI 2020

Inflation April '227.2%

Index April '22 (prel.)109.1

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Maastricht EDP Indicators

Government deficit 215.9%

Government debt 2182.8%

HICP 212.8%

Long term interest rate 21-0.09%